Wednesday, March 30, 2011


All I did today was reading and still I couldn't finish it. There are like 100 pages left. Tomorrow, I'm not going to put it as my first priority like today. I'll set it as my last option after I finish completing my other main tasks first. So unproductive today! Well, I at least get to blog or more like complain here. Haha
So, did you have an unproductive day like me? Yes please! I need some partners in crime with me. Hehe

p.s. I don't have any p.s. today. Can't think of anything for this section! Sigh! What a day!


Anonymous said...

haha, of course! being unproductive is my job! lol However, I'm going to try to create tasks for myself so i won't feel as horrible. What book are your reading?

Gizelle said...

Being unproductive has become my skill already now. :D haha
btw, I'm reading The Art of Conversation by Godfrey Harris now. Lame right? haha I just want to improve my confidence and conversation skills. :D
How about you? Have you ever read Golden Bones by Sichan Siv?