Thursday, March 31, 2011

HTC Wildfire

Last time I blogged about wanting a new mobile phone. This post is going to be the second episode of my phone drama. After waiting, doing SWOT analysis, dreaming, calculating, and all, I decided to buy HTC Wildfire. It's not the one I dreamt about, but it's the most convenient one so far. My dream ones haven't released in Cambodia yet.

I bought my wildfire on March 20, 2011. I originally aimed for the red one. I called and checked the price and color to 4 shops in Cambodia. Three of the shops were being honest by telling me the real prices and the available colors in their shops. And compared to this one shop, Apsara Phone Shop, the other three were much higher in price. So I went all my way from home to Apsara thinking that it was the best one. Holy cow, they're cheating. When I arrived there, they said they had no red color and the price was somewhat similar to the other three. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't go there. I'm still mad thinking back about this. When I called them, they said the red color's available and the price's cheaper. And they changed the minute I arrived. Man! If I went alone, I would leave that place immediately and went to the other shops, but I went with my dad. I didn't want to disturb or take much of his free time. And you know what, I even boasted to him in the car that it was cheaper there this and that. Now what? Urghhh, I was so embarrassed! What a nice hoax! They said I mistook what they said. What a thick-skinned lady! I was so pissed off and I'm still pissed off, too. I however still ended up buying my black HTC Wildfire from there because I didn't want to make my dad drove all the way to the other side of the city to another shop. Great experience ever! Later when I call and ask those shops again, I will use call record application so that I can have my proof to defense myself. I was so gonna punch that lady in the face, but I held it in. So thick-skinned! lksdjflksajflakj
And one more thing, I will not buy anything from that shop again. Never again!

I actually had more to say, but now that I'm mad, my stories are all gone. My temper is so bad lately. I need to control it more. May God bless my temper and all.

Good night everyone!

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