Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Golden Bones

I'm currently sticking my nose and eyes with Golden Bones by Sichan Siv. It's one great inspirational book. After finishing half of the book, i feel so energetic. Life is once again worth living for me. Even though I don't know for how long this motivation of mine will last, but I want to keep it alive for a very long time, probably throughout my entire life. And I do wish I could be more selfish from now on. Right now I have reset my goals and I just can't wait to accomplish them when the day comes. I hate it when people bring me down while I'm trying so hard to cheer myself up every single day. Without intention or not, they do bring me down constantly and I so loathe it. I plan to re-read this book again after I finish reading it this time round. May my motivation last forever. Amen!

p.s. this book is highly recommended! really really awesomely greatly amazingly incredibly interesting!


Jilliancat said...

u should update more! xD

Gizelle said...

i'm trying to do so now! wish me luck...i've been so lazy and busy lately! hehe :D