Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Tutor and I

For those of you who don't know, I've been receiving a home-stay Mandarin Chinese course for over a year already. In brackets (2 hours per week only!) Why? Because my tutor is my mom's friend's niece and she's studying and working at the same time. Therefore, she doesn't have that much free time. Therefore, she can spare me for 2 hours per week only. Therefore, my Mandarin is somewhat oh-so-speechless still. ^_^

I so far finished 2 textbooks already. Impressed right? I am kind of impressed with myself as well. And since I've finished 2 books, my tutor asked me to buy some story books to read when I'm free. She promised she'd buy me, too. One week later, we met again on our regular class hour. I bought a few books and she brought me a few books as well. I bought story books where there's no pinyin (it's a system for writing Chinese words with the Roman alphabet) because I'm afraid she'd blame me later. Well, the thing is I always read pinyin in our textbooks when there's one and she always blame me when I do. That's why. =) So I bought books with no pinyin. And guess what? My tutor brought me books with pinyin, not to mention the contents of each book which are so kindergarten-like. I was like oh!!! Haha, maybe she knows my level of understanding better than I do. (^_^) It's good though!

The left one is mine - The right three are hers

Inside my tutor's story book

Inside my story book

Now you see, right? The differences!

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