Friday, December 17, 2010

I Love Today

Today is my day. My day is today. My birthday was last week, so today is not my birthday again, OBVIOUSLY. It's not my wedding day either. Aiiya, my significant other hasn't even born yet. Why do we have to reach to that conclusion? Impossible! Haha! Then what makes it so special? Well, I haven't felt this for quite sometimes already and I so miss it and it is finally back today and I do hope it'll last forever or at least a bit longer. I do wish it's still here with me when I wake up tomorrow. My winter breeze! The last time I felt you was in June, Shanghai, China. Now you're here with me. Love ya!

I was complaining about the thunder and raining last night because I couldn't get my work done. Thunder and lightning is pretty fierce here in Cambodia. If you love you life, avoid using electronic stuffs when it's raining here especially, when you can hear the thunder roars. Also, avoid being romantic by standing or running in the middle of the field while it's raining. Save it for other times when you aren't in Cambodia. I'm not kidding. There are over hundreds cases about people dying because of lightning strikes already. So please don't submit your name to the victim list. I think I had a post about this once already. Treat this as a reminder then! Okay, back to our topic. I went to sleep so early last night since I couldn't do anything anyway. I could read books, but I didn't. Internet spoils me. And I woke up this morning with a WOW feeling. Oh my goodness! Winter is here? Even though there's no snow or anything, but I've been craving for this kind of temperature for a very long time. It's about 23 degree inside and around 20 degree outside. Awesome! I wish it would get colder, though. The heat was dominant for almost the whole year and I hate it to the core. So now I hope I can wear all my hoodies. I have so many of them stored in my closets. I haven't touched them since I came back. Actually, I know I could sweat wearing them because I'm not cold at all (I'm so okay with it still), but if I don't wear it now, when else can I wear them?

Hopefully, it will be here at least until the end of 2010. Will you? Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg you!

Unrelated photo - Me, last Friday at Swensen's

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