Monday, October 4, 2010

When You Know A Dream Is Just A Dream

Wake up! Wake up! Hey, wake up! Man, so it was a dream? I thought it's real.

This is my DREAM room. Something like this or can be even simpler. I don't mind, but what I have is completely different and I have no control over it. My room is packed with huge heavy expensive furniture (I just know that plural form of furniture is also furniture, no extra ''s'' after it. So this is the power of auto correct huh? Haha). My parents jam my room with all their favorite furniture. I belong to only a tiny spot in my whole room and this is where I'm sitting at and writing this up right now. The rest is likely to be my parents'. I'm not allowed to change the design either. Well, even though they allow, I don't think I could move those furniture. I could ask for help, of course, but that even extends the story. I used to change the decoration of my room so often in college and I loved it. One night was usually enough to complete it. Every single thing was mine and mine only. Now I feel like I'm staying in a museum than in my own bedroom. I miss my old room in college. My 401, I miss you. I terribly miss you.

By the way, I really want to hang the glowing stars from the ceiling. But how? My ceiling is like 2 meters high. Using ladder couldn't even help, I think, and I hate asking for help when it comes to decorating my own room.

Okay, it's still a dream eventually. For better or for worse, this is a dream. Good night, dream.

p.s. I planned to sleep early tonight. My early means sometimes before midnight, but it's 1:00am already now. And guess what, I haven't read for my Chinese class tomorrow yet and I don't plan to do it now either. I'm one hour behind my sleeping plan already so why bother to read it. Enough said. Oh wait, just one last sentence please. I hate to say this, but I hope my tutor calls in sick tomorrow. Hehe

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