Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Youngest Dog Is Dating

I currently have 3 dogs. The eldest one is almost 11 years old, but he's still the most handsome even though he's a bit short. The second eldest is about 4 years old, the tallest among the three and he's a biter. I think he's the cutest one. Haha The youngest one is almost 2 years old. He is the youngest, but he has a grandpa look. Wrinkles here, wrinkles there, wrinkles everywhere, and that's what you can find on his cute face.

This guy is well-known for his hopping skill. Not jumping, but hopping! He's very agile and revengeful. If you think of running away after pinching/hitting him, better not! He'll chase after you until he gets it all back. He's smart and he knows how to get you, too. If you don't want to fall for him, don't look into his eyes. Haha jk! Seafood is his favorite food. And lucky him, the other two do not eat seafood. If you're bored and can't find anyone to talk to, come here. He'll make a great conversation with you. This dude talks a lot. To be specific, he talks, nags, mumbles, complains, and barks a lot. You won't get annoyed though, because he has charming tones. If he's a human, I'd advise him to be a video dubber. His voice tone varies according to the situation.

In a nutshell, he's a great friend. And now that he starts dating, I feel pretty lonely. He isn't that playful anymore. He's busy dating. Haha

By the way, I just got to see his girlfriend this afternoon. I guess he doesn't go for the look. I can't stand looking at his girlfriend for more than one minute. I mean out of the pretty neighbors we have, why her? Well, as long as they love each other, I'm fine. I just hope his next generation won't have an alien look. Hehe

Have fun dating guys!

And here's him

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