Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picture This

The day before yesterday, I was organizing all of the files in my laptop and external hard disks. I still haven't finished this task yet. There are like thousands of file. While I was looking through in one of my music folders, I found one video file. I first thought it was a music video file and almost got rid of it. Somehow I looked at the size and it was big, so I opened it. It's a movie.

Picture This! That's the title. It was a 2008 romantic comedy film which I already forgot its existence in my hard disk. Haha, I haven't watched it yet. It would be those times during the finals in college when I just copied everything and thought I'd come back and watched it later and I never did until these days. At first, I thought I'd just skipped frames because it was 1am something already. But then I got addicted. I finished the whole movie eventually. The reason was because I could picture myself in the movie. It was pretty similar to my case except that I already finished my bachelor degree, I'm not in love, and both of my parents do call me whenever I'm out with my friends, etc. Pretty cool huh? Talking about this I feel like I'm grounded everyday now. Haha I somehow wonder if my parents ever watched this movie or not? Hehe

Check the trailer out, guys! And if you haven't watched it yet... You better do it now. Highly recommended. Btw, Ashley Tisdale rocks!

p.s. I didn't have my Chinese class on Monday. My tutor did call in... Well, she wasn't sick, but her motorbike tire was flat. Most of the times, my bad wishes come true. How about the good ones? Hmmm... So far so negative.

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