Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rain and Thunder

I don't mean to disappoint you or something, but NO! No, I'm not talking about these two guys. I want to talk about those natural thingy here. The advantages and disadvantages of them, to be exact. It's been raining like crazy these last few days. It rains everyday. I "heard" (I use 'heard' because I'm stuck at home, it's as simple as that, don't ask!) it's flooding almost everywhere. It reminds me of my old days. I used to be happy whenever it rained especially, those periods before I entered college. Why? Because my schools would be flooding if it rained heavily or nonstop for a few days. And flooding here means no school. Hehe
Things changed when I entered college. There's no such thing as flooding you could use as an excuse to skip classes. It would never happen unless Noah's era comes back. My college is located in a mountainous area. So no matter how heavy or frequent the rain came, flooding was never meant to be there. Poor me!
How about now? I'm home. Yes, I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my home is high. And my Chinese class is at home, too. So there's no flooding to look forward to anymore. Strangely, I've come to dislike it for some reason. Well, I guess I really dislike it now until I can make a list of advantages and disadvantages of it. Let's start with advantages first so that I can feel the hype and finish my post. Note: These advantages and disadvantages can happen only when rain, thunder, and lightning come together. If rain comes alone everything will be as usual.

- Able to finish my assignments early
- Able to read my books
- Able to sleep early
- Able to lose more weight

- No computer
- No internet
- No Facebook
- No Twitter
- No blogs
- No TV
- No phone
- No music
- No LIFE!

9 disadvantages and 4 advantages. Not bad! Haha
By the way, for those who aren't living in Cambodia, you may have some questions in mind to why I can't do everything listed under Disadvantages. Well, everything started a few years ago if I'm not wrong. Lightning has become fiercer and fiercer to a point when you can't use electrical devices while it's raining otherwise you'll be likely to reach a point of no return. You can't stand in the middle of the field or play soccer/etc. in the field while it's raining. You can't use sharp things like knife while it's raining. You can't stand/sit/sleep under the trees outside your house while it's raining. I hope you can understand what I mean here. And I'm not kidding. We have like over a hundred case already reporting of people dying from the lightning strikes. Oh yeah, that includes your animals and pets, too. So watch out!

I think that's all for tonight. Guess I can't read my books now. It's 11:55pm already.
So good night everyone!


Jilliancat said...

hello! greetings all the way frm Malaysia. :)
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Gizelle said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I've linked yours, too. ;)