Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chili, I Heart You!

Since early this year until recently, Chili has gone through many hardships. But today, YES TODAY, they mark the world history. 33 miners have been trapped since 5th of August, 2010. No one knew if they are still alive until 17 days later when the rescuers received a note from the miners telling the rescuers that the 33 of them are still alive. It was the first party for them. Today, they start the evacuation process to rescue the 33 miners. The youngest miner is 18 years old and the eldest miner is 63 years old. Both of them are already up on the surface and in the process of having health check-ups. So far, 17 miners have been rescued and 16 are still remained underground with the rescuers. I hope everything will go smoothly as planned.

I've been watching CNN for the last 14 hours. 14 hours are not long comparing to them who have been trapped underground for 69 days. They keep giving me goosebumps, especially when they started pulling out the first miner. I was very moved. The whole scenario is just incredible. I'm glad that I can share their joyful moments, literally.

I wish each and everyone of them a safe journey up to the surface. May God continue to bless them.  

Good night!


Kelly said...

My dad talked about this miner rescue last night when I got home from school. I love watching news as well, esp. sth very moving like this one. They were trapped in there since August? Gosh, that's such a long time! I could had died if I was in there. Haha. Like how my mom always complaints abt me being food-choosy. Anyway, God bless the rest.

Gizelle said...

yeah...i was so touched! awesome work! but hmmmm...69days compares to the Pol Pot regime which lasted for almost 4 years...hehe :D

and oh, i guess i won't die from being a food-choosy...but i'll die from the restroom/toilet/bathroom thingy, i guess. hahaha
Must have a proper one indeed. :D