Monday, October 18, 2010

A Century of Stress

After climbing a thousand mountains, swimming across three oceans, crawling over a hundred fields full of thorns, flying a million miles with vultures, and racing with a billion of ostriches I got to hang out with my friends for 5 hours yesterday. 

We made a great plan. It could be considered as the greatest so far, but it didn't work out really well. Not a big deal though! Hehe We left at 2pm because it was raining in the morning and ... I even posted my wish on facebook asking for the rain to stop. And yeah the rain stopped around 12pm. We all met up around 2:30pm and we headed to Parkway for bowling. Yes, we wanted to play bowling. We never played before, but we watched people/cartoonists play it a lot so we wanted to give it a try. Haha
We were so ready for it. We even wore the thickest masks we have on our faces, literally speaking here. We knew we would definitely embarrassed ourselves in so many ways so we took out our best thick-skinned in store and wore it. Actually, we get used to those embarrassed moments already because we've had them so many times until our faces became numb or something. We were so excited and all.
The bowling place is on the third floor. We saw one cool cafe on the second floor and decided to drop by later after bowling. And yeah, we're here in front of the bowling place now. We were gazing from the outside, trying to find an empty spot. Heaven no! It was over full. Not full, but over full.  
We walked down to that cool cafe first and came back later hoping that it would be free later. The design of that cafe is so nice, so nice for couples to be exact. Couples would use romantic instead of nice, right? Okay, whatsoever! We fell in love with the design at first sight. So we went in. Gosh! The first sight look and the first sight smell was totally different. We're pretty sure it wasn't an aroma from the food, but we didn't know what kind of aroma was that either. Not a good one anyway. But for the sake of taking pictures we had to bear with it.No one inside was bothered to look at us, 4 beautiful cute girls, because they were busy dating. Haha Well, we didn't care about it, too, because we know we're perfect and all. In other words, we're A! (A in Cambodian means otherwise. Hehe) One of my friends was so craving for burger. We even had a hard time asking for the menu. In short, the service was bad. But we still could transformed it into jokes. And when they handed out the menu, man, we were pretty shocked. We once again felt like we were in an exam hall. They had a list of food and drinks accompanied with prices on both sides and we simply had to tick off whatever we'd like to have. Even the names of the food and drinks are weird. One of the ice creams was named something like Earthquake. My friends ordered three burgers and I ordered french fries because I wasn't hungry. FYI, my french fries' name is French Fries Self-Made at Home. What a creepy long name! We were joking about it, but didn't really pay attention to the meaning at all. While they took decades to make our orders, we were having fun snapping pictures. There was a couple sitting next to our tables. They came like 5 minutes after us, I guess. Sometimes later, they switched their table and you should know why. We were talking, snapping pictures, laughing, moving here, standing up, sitting down, moving there, and all. How could they be romantic having us around? Haha We knew we would be like this that's why we chose to sit at the far end corner of the cafe. Not our fault, guys! It's not like the cafe was full or something, why followed us? Anyway, we had so much fun taking pictures. Crazy styles, cute styles, normal styles, lazy styles, oblivious styles, etc. styles, we ruled it all! And when the orders arrived, we stopped right away. Haha The first sight of the food wasn't that attractive, but we gave it a way anyway. After a few bites, my friends realized that it's a veggie cafe. Gosh! We were spending over three years at a veggie college and now what? That fake burger meat reminded us about our cafeteria burger. So uncool! But my french fries was a bit different. It was really made base on its name. It's more like Indian or Asian fries to me since the color wasn't fair/white like the usual french fries. It's brownish/red. And the taste? Haha The taste was like the street stall potatoes fries. Not that bad, though! At least I know mine didn't have meat so my disappointment was lower than my friends'. We didn't finish the food and the drinks anyway. The price wasn't that bad either because the food and drinks weren't that good. Haha So we hurriedly headed to the third floor for our bowling place. Dang! It was over and over full this time. Over over full! Our dream shattered. We still managed to take a couple of pictures from the outside with the bowling place as a background, though. We walked back wearing frown masks instead. Poor us, we didn't get to use our thick-skinned masks there! Next time! Next time we must make it inside no matter what! Haha
Our next plan was to take sticker pictures in a photo booth at City Mall. Thought everything would be perfect this time, but heaven no! We couldn't find the place. We thought we mistook the floor so we kept going up until the last top floor and still we couldn't find it. I decided to drop at a Korean store and bought something and when I asked where's the photo booth to the store assistant, she said, it's closed already. What a lucky day for us! We didn't give up, though. We left there and headed for another place along the street opposite of Santhor Mok High School. Here's another nightmare! This place's closed as well. Well, since we've been taught to never give up easily, we spotted the last shop which is somewhere near my house thinking that if this one is closed as well, we'd go and eat the bbq nearby that shop because it's closed to my house and I had to go back before sundown. And that's it. We ended up eating another round. That last hope shop's closed, too. So we ordered using our styles we used to do in Thailand. Man, reminiscing the past with your dudes are so good. Everything was almost exactly the same except the taste. It wasn't that tasty here especially the sauce, but we still managed to finish two sets. Haha Same rule! Four girls two sets! No wonder, we couldn't lose weight back then when we were together. Our famous activity was eating. And well, I guess it is still the same except that we don't get to promote it every single day like before. So yeah, we finished our fun day at 6:30pm and headed straight to my oh-so-lovely home! I just hope I won't get stuck this long again. Life is so good when you can see more than five people everyday. By the way, my shopping list is still on. Hopefully, we can make it out again next week. Oh, I talked nonstop yesterday! Never run out of topics when I'm with my bestest dudes. Haha I think you can even tell here. I never wrote this long in such a short time for my college papers unless it's a final. Enough said. I don't think people will make it here, will you? We'll see.  

I have so many things to blog about today, but it looks to me like I have to divide my posts. This first post is a pain in the eyes already. Bear with me because I didn't get to hang out with my dudes for quite sometimes. The hype is high, you know! So for now 再见! 

p.s. Below is my facebook wish I posted yesterday regarding the rain thingy!

Dear rain, please stop now! I want to go out with my's been years since we last hung out together. so please understand us especially me...I've been home for almost a century already! I promise you can even flood Phnom Penh tomorrow, but please stop falling now...just for today...please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is US!


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