Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Made It!

First off, Happy Pchum Ben (Ancestors' Day or Halloween in Cambodia, if I'm not wrong, hehe), everyone! Am I late to say this? A bit, I guess. Hehe It's better late than never, though.

So how was it? How many pagodas did you go to? How much fun did you have? Well, whether you want to answer these or not, just promise me you're not going to ask me back. Especially, the last question. Haha Don't rub it in my face if you really went to pagodas. What goes around comes around, you know!

Okay, I don't know if this will go right into your ears or not, but I made it. I MADE IT! I was determined not to go to any pagodas during these Pchum Ben days and I made it. It's not that I'm against anything or whatsoever, but I just don't like the crowd during these traditional festivals. The smoke from the incenses, the crowd, the everything there make me sick. And I don't really believe in anything now, too, so it's a plus. What important is you, yourself, how you behave and all. Religions can't restrain you in any way if you yourself don't want it to.

However, there's something extra comes along with it. Something that I don't even ask for. Something that I don't even want to have. Who doesn't love free stuff? I'm a big fan of free stuff, but I seriously don't like this one. Yeah, I don't! Besides escaping from going to pagodas, I'm stuck at home. I'm home is that free stuff I've got. It's not something new, though. I mean I've been living with it over a year already so what's the point to fuss here by the way? Haha, that's because I don't get to talk much these days. I'm proudly announced that my confidence and social skills are negative now. Congrats? Oh yeah, thanks! One thing leads to another, I shall stop here before flooding my post with all my complaints. Have fun and stay safe everyone.


Kelly said...

I laughed reading just a few sentences of your post. You do have sense of humor! Lolz... Ugh... Forget about how many pagoda question, cos I also DIDN't go to any myself!!!!! Aw... you're better than me. I complaint when I face up to bad stuff, unlike you, you make fun of it instead. Keep it up, dear! I mean your positive image!

PS: Thanks for changing comment box into a pop-out one. :)

Gizelle said... me...i'm not positive and humorous at all. I'm just trying so hard to be one. i actually complain a lot, too. hehe ^^ so don't worry, you're not alone. ;)
I usually don't blog when i'm feeling down coz everything will be out of control... :D
anyway, cheer up and enjoy the rest of your holidays na...mine is already suck. ^^ haha

p.s: you're most welcome. i've realized the pop-up new windows is easier, too. And sorry for the previous embedded mode. :D hehe

Kelly said...

Well, trying is the first step to the real positive and humorous person! At least, you can get yourself to try for something better. Ah... I'm glad i'm not alone. You know, being here on blog I feel so much relief and happy. It is like my dream world where I can be Me.

Oh yes, I don't usually blog when I'm feeling down, too, cos when tomorrow comes and I read what I wrote, I feel so stupid. How could I was so outrageous. Sth like that, you know.

PS: Haha, I dunno why my comment window is no longer a pop-up one even I set it so on my setting. maybe the template is the problem.

Gizelle said...

Yeah...I hope my trying will be succeeded someday...and will not be in the trying stage forever. :D hehe
But i do feel better like what you said..being here..i can be me...even though I can't be me when I'm feeling down coz I don't blog...haha
at least i can express my feeling better than with my parents! :D
I'm always a fake when i'm with them! ^_^
And yeah, that's the reason i disabled my old blog. I feel so stupid when I read what I wrote when I was down. Haha
Somehow, it was good coz I got to express what was inside of me, but it didn't really help in any way. Guess, it is life! We can't get out of life.

p.s. Really? Let me see after this...When I commented last time, it was a pop-up...let's see. ;)