Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My (Life + Rules)

It's been raining for the whole day today. So there's nothing much to say here except that I got to create something. Just something! Something that I live by the practice of them everyday. Simple but hard! So have you tried them yet?

Sweet dream everyone!

p.s. Stay tune for flooding news tomorrow! Excited? Haha


Kelly said...

HAhaha. this is so funny! I guess I'm more stubborn. These might be my rules. 1. It doesn't mean elder are always right. 2. When they are right, look at rule number 1! Lolz.....

Gizelle said...

Hehe...I'm stubborn, too, but since i'm the only child...i feel bad sometimes when i go against their wills...so i'll just painfully follow them...... >__<
btw, I love your rules. ;)

Kelly said...

Lolz... you're such a decent only child! I try to follow their wills as well, but I just can't let go of my own all the time. It is me who is responsible living my life, not' em. See? This trait might come from being the youngest. Teehee. Somehow I like your rules, too.

Gizelle said...

That's great. Being the youngest benefits you a lot, I'm sure. ;) I wish I had like 12 siblings next life. lolz :D
I don't let go of mine actually, but I'm just lazy to argue with them. haha
2 versus 1...let them rule the unfair game. :D hehe

Kelly said...

Yeah, sometimes I feel very grateful to be the youngest, but sometimes not. I wish I was the only child. Sure benefits more than the youngest. Ooh, 12 siblings? Lolz.. You'll regret!

I know it rite? why would I have to argue since they still get their way in the end? haha.

Gizelle said...

You wish you were the only child? haha...you'll regret, too. :D
I don't know, but I think I don't want to be my parents' pet anymore. If I have 12 siblings and I'm not the youngest...then it will be good, I guess. hehe
Too much attention from them is not good. ^__^

And yeah, they still get their way in the end or at least get to blame us when our way goes wrong. And if it goes right...they just keep silent. haha