Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Papa, Happy Birthday to You! May all your dreams come true and good things come your way. Wishing you another year of good health, happiness, prosperity, and love. Wish you a very happy birthday, Papa.
You're my superhero. Love you lots!  

p.s. I'm sorry, Pa. I wanted to buy the ice cream cake, but the shops are still closed today. But I know you still love everything we've done today.


Kelly said...

Ice-cream cake!! At Swensen, rite? Aw... I always want to try it, but none of my friends or family have a birthday yet. So still waiting! Hahaha.

Happy Birthday to your daddy, as well!

Anonymous said...

ah i c~ i no who r u now ;) by ur profile picture i can guess~ actually v've known each other in fb for long time ago kekeke

Gizelle said...

@Kelly: yeah, at Swensen...there are a few more shops I know they have it, too, but none of them opened yesterday! I had Swensen's ones several times when I was in thailand and they were good. Haha And guess what, I got addicted. I haven't tried the Cambodian version yet. Let's see. Will order it sometimes soon even though there's no bd coz I'm an ice cream freak. :D They also have the delivery service. Let me know if you want the contact or something. Just order them, you don't have to wait until someone's bd. ;)

@Lavorn: Haha yeah, we've known each other for ages. Let's keep in touch. ;)

Gizelle said...

@Kelly: p.s. Thank you on behalf of my dad. :)