Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At Home In Prison

My current Facebook status is "at home, in prison". The meaning behind this phrase is that I'm not allowed to go out whenever or wherever or with whomever as much as I want to. It is for the so-called security reason that my parents always tell me so. I've been living with this reason until I think I hate my own country now. So I basically just wanted to express my thought that being at home is the same thing as being in prison. But some of my friends took it otherwise. One of them commented, "oh my goodness...," another one added, "so where you want to stay?" After seeing their comments, I was like what? What are they thinking already? Haha
I originally thought that I wouldn't reply to any comments for this status because I was in a bad mood, but after seeing their comments, I know I must defense myself before something even worse than this happens. Here is what I wrote back in reply to their comments on my status: ''don't get me wrong...what i meant was...I'm not allowed to go out as much as I want when I'm home... at home in prison! not that I commit
any crime or anything illegal. Haha''
One of them already replied with "lol"... I hope the other one will return to my status and see my reply, otherwise I'll be a criminal in his eyes forever. Haha

I also do hope that none of my blog's mates think the same thing when they first read out the title of this post. However, I have omitted a comma between ''at home'' and ''in prison'' where I didn't do so for my Facebook's one, thinking that maybe it's a grammatical error. And if it isn't, then it must be the phrase itself that drives people's thinking to the wrong way. Hehe

p.s. I should be more careful with whatever I post from now on to avoid any possible confusion.

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