Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Blog Was on a Day Off

I was trying to change my blog template the day before yesterday. I got some influence from the WordPress themes so I wanted this one to have one of my favorite WordPress themes. I wanted this one to have the Albeo theme, but it didn't have, so I decided to go with the Bueno one which I am having it for my WordPress blog thinking that I'd change my WordPress theme to Albeo instead. The modification process went fine until I tried to add the Twitter and Facebook like button to this blog. After I clicked 'save the template' and clicked 'view blog', I got a blank white page. I tried to refresh it, but nothing worked out. I then accessed it using Chrome instead of my default Firefox browser, still nothing showed up. I didn't give up so I opened Internet Explorer and tried access my blog with it, but man that blank page showed up again. I was pretty shocked. I thought I must have done something wrong to the modification. It was 5PM something when it happened and I was pretty tired by then after sitting hours choosing and editing my template so I decided to continue with it at night after my dinner and shower. I then shut down my laptop and went on having my dinner and shower, etc.

My nightmare started after I turned on my laptop and continued doing what I was doing. Right now I couldn't even access my dashboard. Not only that, I couldn't even access any of the websites. All I got was blank pages. I was in a complete terror. I knew I didn't love my blog that much, but after realizing that it could be gone forever, my heart stopped beating for awhile, literally speaking of course. I began going to forum after forum searching for answers to my problems. For one second, I came up with something. I used my mobile phone to try access to my blog and dashboard. I could access my dashboard from my mobile phone, but not my blog. I then knew that something is wrong with my laptop and/or my internet connection and/or ISP. After sometimes I knew that I wasn't the only one who's dreaming this nightmare, but it looked to me that I'm the only worst one who can't access both the dashboard and the blogs. I posted my problems to the Google forum for blogger and tried to read other people's solutions which were similar to mine. I tried all that I could. I slept around 3AM that night with nothing worked out. After waking up and all, I started my mission again. I did this. I did that. And all of the sudden around 4PM I was able to access my dashboard. Well, I didn't know which caused that because I did so many things as suggested from people on the forum. I was happy, but still I couldn't access my blog as well as other websites. The only way to access them for me was to use the free proxy. I found out so many useful websites while trying to wake up from this nightmare. I don't know if I should be thankful for that or not. Hahaha

I had high hope now after my dashboard was back. I tried to do this and that again. I rebooted my laptop several times as well and at one point, my internet connection was down. I thought it could be my mistake again. It was 11PM something already so I decided to go sleep after a long day with this horrible nightmare. I woke up and came straight to my laptop and tried to connect my internet. It's back. I was happy. After that I went on my day as usual. Around 2PM I continued with my nightmare mission again. Hurray, now I could access both my dashboard, my blogs and any other of the websites. I could say that I was on cloud nine. Without doing anything much this time, my blog's back. I think I really love my blog now. Hahaha

I now don't really dare edit anything. I'd use free proxy if I want to edit something so that when something's wrong again, my IP address can't be blocked or whatsoever. However, I just hope this problem won't arise again. As of now, I cannot access one of the websites which I always can. I can access it from my mobile phone, though. So I start to think that this nightmare is pretty contagious now.  

p.s. Dear nightmare, please end soon. I am not in any conditions where I can afford multiple nightmares right now. Please understand!

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