Sunday, March 13, 2011

Those So-Called Cell Phones

I've been sticking with my so-called Nokia N73 for like half a decade already. And now that it wants to bid farewell to me, like it or not, I have to buy a new one. And here comes the problems! After checking, browsing, asking, calculating, sleeping, and dreaming about them now, I'm so depressed. The cell phones I love either out of stock or hasn't released in Cambodia yet. What the heaven! Why can't I just wait then? Well, I can, but whenever I want something, I really want it now, right now, right here! Arghhh! Tell you what, I've been waiting anxiously for a week already and thought I could get it today, but still a NO! *sigh*
Anyway, it seems like the only available option I have now is iPhone. And if I can't get the latest one, which is iPhone 4, I would rather not buy it. The problem is not with the money. I can afford it with my own saving cash, but I don't think my parents will be happy to see me spending money over such expensive things. Mom and dad always say that, in the new few months they will release another new version so on and so forth. You will never be able to catch them. And it's true and maybe that's the reason I've been stuck with my N73 for half a decade. Haha
Thinking about it again, if I continue to keep that idea in mind, I don't think I will be able to experience any new technologies anymore. *sob sob*

What should I do now? Continue waiting? Man, waiting is really really unhealthy to me. I hate it. I thought that it was easy to shop in my own country, but I guess I was wrong. Totally wrong! If I know everything would be like this, I would broke myself every month back then. I really want to fly there and buy it now. Enough said. But I really hope they import it to Cambodia faster and sooner. Next week please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why do they take so long to import it? That phone released last month. It should be here already.

How slow!

p.s. I just hope my N73 won't RIP before my new one arrives! Please!

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