Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Are Dating

Wanna ask what did I do on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Christmas Adam (Adam and Eve, you know)? Well, dating. Yes, dating. You didn't read it wrong. DATING!

Hehe, I mean I watched a Korean variety show called, We Are Dating! It's a good show indeed. In fact, it's one of my favorite shows. My first Korean variety show and also my first favorite one was Thank You For Waking Me Up with SS501. Watch it if you haven't. Or maybe you can take an inside look first.

A glimpse of Thank You For Waking Me Up with SS501:

This video is episode 1 part 1. If this one hasn't caught your attention just yet, don't stop, just keep watching. I'm sure you'll eventually like it.  

And now I think I have my other favorite show which is We Are Dating with U-KISS (Alexander, Soohyun and Eli) and Girl's Day (Min Ah, Yura and Ji Hae).The 1st episode is to match the couple together and man, it's extra hilarious especially, when Eli tried to show off his talents. Enough said. You should watch it yourself. Haha! The 2nd episode is quite okay, but I like how Alexander dressed up especially his mask. By the way, if you know where they sell that mask, please let me know. Your reply will be highly appreciated. I really want to have that mask. So please let me know if you know, okay?

Here's a glimpse of We Are Dating:

I like this show better than We Got Married. Actually, I don't really like We Got Married. Okay okay, let me explain myself once again. I like We Got Married when Sangchu couple (Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo) was casted. The rest? Not really. 

And yeah, this is how I spent my Christmas. Watching variety shows!

So you like any of the them so far?  

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