Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Wake up - Routine work - Sleep - Wake up - Routine work - Sleep - Wake up................... etc.

I'm trying to live positively, but negative thoughts always haunt me at the end of each day. Honestly, I really don't know why many people are still living their daily life as if nothing bad will happen. I mean someday we all will die. There's no eternity to human life. It's not like our life is smooth either. We live to solve problems. One after another. Countless problems come and go endlessly. So what's really the point of living anyway? Sooner or later we'll die. So why don't we die sooner so that our suffering will end soon. Why do human beings have so many responsibilities? Nothing is stable. The more you live, the more memories you will have, and the more you will suffer with them later. So why live and create memories? Sometimes I wish I could lose my memory. I really don't want to remember anything or anyone. Why do we need interactions with one another? Someday you're gonna lose it. etc. I really really don't know why do people keep living and suffering like this. 

p.s. where will we go after we die? heaven, hell, or we'll just disappear... I don't want to live in heaven nor hell. It would be best if we could just disappear forever. No life, no worries!

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