Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too Many to Blog So It Ends Up Like This

大家好!Hello Everyone! You know why I'm blogging right now? Because I have Mandarin test tomorrow and I'm trying to open my eyes and cram it out. Haha! This is so me.

Actually, I have had so many things to blog about, but is but. Well, you know, there're too many things until I didn't know which to pick first so I end up with nothing like now. Don't follow me, though, because it isn't good.

Bear with this post because it is going to be so random. So I guess you can tell now that I'm still alive. I mean Cambodia just had a big tragedy last Monday, November 22, 2010. A big stampede which killed hundreds of people on a confined bridge at Koh Pich (Diamond Island) during Water Festival in Phnom Penh City. This is considered as a number 1 stampede in the world so far. Hundreds of people were killed within a few hours. Yes, we're number 1. And not to mention about the Pol Pot regime. A stupid so-called democracy regime which killed millions of people in Cambodia from 1975-1979. 3years 8 months and 20 days in a hell-like without any interferences from the outside world. A regime which tortured and killed its own nation and other minority groups in the whole country. Yes, we're number 1 again for this one. Besides these tragedies, we also have great things to boast about which is Angkor Wat and other thousands of temples. Temples which today people can't re-build. We have ikat or pattern silk and etc., a type that is rare. It is a type which is hard to make. It is a type that is done by hands from the beginning until the end. It has been handed down from one generation to another even before the Angkor era. We don't draw, we weave the ikat or pattern. If you see the whole process of making it, you will know its true value. You won't even bargain when you buy it because it should worth more than it is now. We're number 1 with it again. etc. No wonder, Cambodia is a Kingdom of Wonder! From worst to best, we rule it all!

Haha, now that I skim through this post again, I feel like I'm advertising my country. Well, advertising both good and bad points. 

Oh, during that Water Festival incident I was in Siem Reap with my parents. Siem Reap again? Yes, Siem Reap again. You know you can't beat elders when you're the only youngest. 2 vs. 1. Yes, Siem Reap! No complain, no bargain! As simple as that.

Don't you think that I should stop here and back to my cramming? Ah no! I don't want. Maybe I should hit my bed first. Good idea huh? Hehe, we'll see how things go then. Alright, sleep tight and have a great Monday everyone.

p.s.1. How many people love Mondays? I do only if it's a holiday! Haha

p.s.2. This seems like a joke, but it looks true. Koh Pich's (Diamond Island) acronym is:



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