Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cambodia Has Different Definitions of Fast Food Restaurants

I don't think this post will be long. I just want to let people know what I have experienced (more like suffered) with the fast food restaurants in my own country, Cambodia.

It wasn't my first time. It wasn't my second time. It was my many many times. If you're in a hurry and thinking of grabbing something to eat before heading to complete your task, don't go to fast food restaurants in Phnom Penh. Just don't! DON'T! Maybe I'm a jinx or something and you're a lucky star, but if you don't want to be late for your urgent work, better don't risk it. You may become a jinx like me. I have suffered many times with them already. It started with ordering your food until checking your bills. Everything's slow. I once had to wait more than 15 minutes with my friends just to order 3 burgers. We didn't even get to talk to the waitress or the order taker to tell her about our orders. She happily let us stood there in front of the counter while she was having a messy conversation with another customer about the delivery. We stood there waiting for like half an hour. What the heaven! So since our patience was negative that day, we decided to leave for another restaurant. And recently I went to have pizzas with my cousins and their lecturers. The checker took about 20 minutes to check our bills, not to mention about the long hours we'd spent ordering our food. This is so so urghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Skip this post if you've experienced different things. So far I rarely have any luck with them!

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