Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dream Came False

First off, I'm an ice cream maniac. I love all kinds of ice cream and I don't care if it's a street stall one or a 5 star one . As long as it's yummy I heart it all.

For some reason, I deposit my heart with one of the ice cream street stalls in Muak Lek, Thailand. It's the best so far. And so far it's the best. That coconut ice cream never fails to impress me. Believe it or not, I always had more than 5 cups each time I went there. The owner really loves me. Duh! Haha Guess, she loses one great customer now. Next time when I visit there, I'll make sure I break my old records. Hehe And don't worry ice cream won't make you fat. Diabetes? Maybe, if you have it way too much! Oh how I wish I could FedEx it here now!

Anyway, my second favorite would be the ice cream cake from Swensen's. It was the best when I was in Thailand and that's why it captures my heart still...until...Until last Sunday. I was craving for it like months and I thought my life would be complete after having it last Sunday. Gosh, I was still on earth after having a bite of it instead of being on cloud 9 as I was before. The taste sucked. The decoration's okay. The price was somewhat $5 more than the one I bought in Thailand. Well, I first didn't pay much attention to the price at all. I know it's higher and all, but I thought it'd taste the same. Man, dream came false. Now thinking about it again, I don't know if the taste's really different, or I miss there too much until everything here tastes awful, or because it's not someone's birthday and I still bought it and had it, or because I had no one to fight over it with me??????? Guess, the last one ranks the highest. Sometimes, having it all by yourselves is not fun at all. I'm talking about food/meal/snack/ice cream here, by the way, not money guys. Those HUNGRY-LIKE-HEAVEN times when you fought with your friends over all kinds of food you're having together were just awesome. I wish I could fight with them everyday like before. And I wish my parents could fight with me over the food sometimes, too. Haha  
Nevertheless, I'm not going to give up.  I mean I'll still buy it. It's just that I'll buy a different flavor next time. An ice cream maniac you know! But what flavor should I buy because this one had three flavors in one cake already. Never mind, will decide when the time comes!

p.s. I'll post the pictures later because I was way too excited to take it with my dad's phone. So pictures up later when I'll get a hold of his phone. Until then, good night!  

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